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AC servo motors, In-Wheel motors, hub motors, Gear motors,Frameless Brushless motors, Inner rotor Brushless motors, Outer rotor brushless rotors.
Alternative to Maxon motor, Buhler motor.
Frameless motors

Frameless brushless motor is a kind of assembly parts which is a rotor assembly that is consist of tiled permanent magnet and an iron tube and a stator assembly that consist of laminated slots and cupper coil winding mainly.This kind of motor is perfect choice for use in the area where a motor has to be placed optimally. Size range is from 28mm in diameter to 104mm in diameter and the output power is from 47W to 320W. Major application of this technology is a joint of FA robots, collaborative robots and any other applications where users want to embed a motor in their machine, equipment optimally.

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