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AC servo motors, In-Wheel motors, hub motors, Gear motors,Frameless Brushless motors, Inner rotor Brushless motors, Outer rotor brushless rotors.

Linear Actuators

We are able to offer a various type of linear actuators such as DC motor based, direct drive AC servo motors based and Stepper motor based depending on your applications. For example, micro DC linear servo actuators have been developped for precise linear position control in small space.

The key feature of linear actuators is a miniaturazation which integrates motor, gear box, circuitry and other linear mechanical parts in single small case.

miniaturation with durable lifespan, robust force (max. 100N) comparing to its size, and reliable repeatability is achieved.

Force & speed are varied according to gear ratio for a model and that is, the stronger force, the slower speed.

Premium lineup is for industrial applications such as factory automation, medical equipment or UAV industry. With high performance of coreless DC motors, premium lineup boasts stronger force and longer lifespan than economical lineup.


Control this linear actuator along with various API/library such as Arduino, C++, C#, JAVA and Python.

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