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AC servo motors, In-Wheel motors, hub motors, Gear motors,Frameless Brushless motors, Inner rotor Brushless motors, Outer rotor brushless rotors.
Alternative to Maxon motor, Buhler motor.
Coreless brushed motors & brushless motors
Gear motor solutions
Alternative to Maxon motor, Buhler motor.
Why Japanese coreless motor brand is chosen in the global market?
Coreless motors
Coreless motors
We offer a wide selection of coreless brushed motors from Japanese brands. 
Although some well known European brands manufacture great coreless motors, Japanese manufacturers also sophisticated in terms of making conventional products and are able to offers great product quality with very competitive price. 

Good feature of coreless motors are;
-very low inertia due to right weight rotors therefore, very fast response time is achievable.
-very low inductance therefore, suitable for IS(Intrinsic safety) application.
Also, long service life time is achievable because of less spark noise on the commutation system. 
-Very powerful because of the combination between high torque density and sintered NdFeb magnet.
Here, you must realize the outstanding performance.
Coreless brushless motor Datasheet
Coreless brushed motor Datasheet
-12.0mm diameter x 19.5mmL: Vin5.0V / No13565rpm / Ts2.7mNm / Nr11082rpm / Tr 0.5mNm / Ir171mA /5.22ohm
-12.4mm diameter x 20.0mmL: Vin7.0V / No20300rpm / Ts6.3mNm / Nr16525rpm / Tr 1.2mNm / Ir425mA /2.90ohm
-12.4mm diameter x 22.5mmL: Vin7.0V / No16980rpm / Ts7.7mNm / Nr11670rpm / Tr 2.4mNm / Ir665mA /3.09ohm
-12.8mm diameter x 24.5mmL: Vin8.0V / No18750rpm / Ts11.9mNm / Nr14800rpm / Tr 2.5mNm / Ir670mA /2.33ohm
-10.0mm diameter x 15.0mmL: Vin5.0V / No21090rpm / Ts0.6mNm / Nr12486rpm / Tr 0.2mNm / Ir154mA /2.90ohm
-10.0mm diameter x 20.0mmL: Vin5.0V / No19129rpm / Ts1.3mNm / Nr13425rpm / Tr 0.4mNm / Ir193mA /2.90ohm

No: No load Speed/ Ts: Stall Torque/ Nr: Rated Speed/ Tr: Rated Toruqe/ Ir: Rated Current
Please contact us if you want to see the drawing. we are happy to offer the draawing and specifications.
Also, customization is very welcome.
Gear motors
We also offers gear motors solution. 
As same as any kinds of motors, gear technology is also an essential part because many applications that use drive systems need gears to achieve desired performance such as speed and torque. Except pumps, fans and vibration application, DC motors need something that increase the torque and decrease the speeds because DC motors physically run very fast but small torque by itself in most applications.

Since we have several partner companies in Japan, China and Taiwan, we can offer a wide selection of DC motors and gear motors such as coreless motors, slotted motors, planetary gearheads, spur gearheads.
We are happy to offer any size and any kinds of gear motors selecting best combination from our partner company. We will be a good option for customers looking for a substitute for your existing gear motors.
Formura of gear head
Speed : speed on shaft of motor(Nin) / reduction ratio(i) = speed on gear shaft(Nout)
Torque:  Torque on shaft of motor(Tin) x reduction ratio(i) x efficiency(n) = torque on gear shaft(Tout)
Efficiency: generally 0.9 / stage for spur gearhead and 0.85 / stage for planetary gearhead
n: efficiency( n1 x n2 .....) (n1: first stage n2: second stage)
 Speed of gear motor : Nout = Nin / i    
 Torque of gear motor: Tout = Tin x i x n
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