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Blowers and Fan motors

We offer many kind of blower and fans ranging from very cost competitive blower and fans to high quality high pressure radial blowers. Our products are manufacturered by the factory certified ISO9001 and got safety approvals such as UL, CSA, TUV, CE ,CUL etc.
Product portfolio
-AC/DC/EC centrifugal blowers
-AC/DC/EC centrifugal fans
-DC axial fans
-DC radial blowers
New release
Super High Pressure DC radial blowers
Size: 54.5mm x 51mm x 24.9mm
Voltage: DC24V
Maximum air pressure:4.9KPa
Maximum air flow:0.3m^3/m​
Size:72mm x 76mm x 47mm
Maximum air pressure:7.2KPa
Maximum air flow:0.5m^3/m​
Application example of blower and fans