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AC servo motors, In-Wheel motors, hub motors, Gear motors,Frameless Brushless motors, Inner rotor Brushless motors, Outer rotor brushless rotors.

Brushless motors

Alternative to Maxon motor, Buhler motor.
Brushless motors achieve long service life, because there is no mechanical commutation system. And therefore the demand of brushless motor is increasing more and more not only for new development but also for a replacement from AC motor, DC brushed motor etc. We offer wide range of brushless motors, including an outer rotor type(pancake type) , frameless motors and an inner rotor type from small quantity order. We are also pleased to study custom products.
◆Slotless BLDC
We offer Japanese brand slotless BLDCs offering excellent perfornace from super compact body because of the outstanding torque density. Any constomization can be discussed.

12mm diameter x 19mmL with hall sensors(8 wires) 
 -Vin12.0V / No16600rpm / Ts8.8mNm / Nr14700rpm / Tr 1.0mNm / Ir220mA /6.68ohm
-Vin8.0V / No19600
rpm / Ts10.5mNm / Nr14900rpm / Tr 2.5mNm / Ir780mA /2.74ohm

16mm diameter x 23mmL with hall sensors(8 wires) 
-Vin12.0V / No 8000rpm / Ts20mNm / Nr6000rpm / Tr 5.0mNm / Ir400mA /6.68ohm

20mm diameter x 29mmL with hall sensors(8 wires) 
-Vin12.0V / No4500rpm / Ts36mNm / Nr3200rpm / Tr 10.0mNm / Ir400mA /6.68ohm
  No: No load Speed/ Ts: Stall Torque/ Nr: Rated Speed/ Tr: Rated Toruqe/ Ir: Rated Current
◆Outer rotor BLDC
A rotor that consist of magnet and iron tube(generally cup shape)is located in outside of a stator that consist of copper winding and laminated slots. This structure generates higher torque than same size of inner rotor BLDC does because large diameter of magnet can be used.
Advantage: High torque and low speed is available. Large inertia helps stable rotation and could be well suitable for pump application, hard disc drive as well as polygon mirror motors for bar code readers
Many flat type(pancake shape)outer rotor BLDC are in the market.
Disadvantage: Large inertia and not not best choice for high speed operation. 
Outer rotor brushless motors
◆Inner rotor BLDC
A rotor(generally cylinder shape) is located inside of a stator that consist of motor case, winding of cupper coil and laminates slots.
This structure allow to decrease an amount of eddy current more than outer rotor BLDC does and it work for high speed rotation. So, inner rotor brushless motors are widely used in many application.
Application example
 -Industrial machine
 -Analytical equipment
 -Medical equipment
 -Instrumentation system
 -Pump and compessors
 -Audio and visual equipment
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