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Alternative to Maxon motor, Buhler motor.
Our position
International business is really exciting. It is like an exploration.
Our position is to bridge between companies in Japan and in the world with two ways through drive system business.
Sales representative service for Japanese
Distributer activity

We focus on to offer or introduce a solution for customers having something they want to improve or to offer an alternatives for customers having anything trouble with the products from present suppliers.  

  Offering alternative to motors that you are using now.
We know there are some well-known European manufacturers making drive systems but there are also many good Asian motor/drive system producers that can offer competitive products. If you have something problems with quality, cost and lead time of the products provided by your current suppliers, please feel free to contact us and let's talk about the solution.
Here is some examples. In those case, we try to identify alternatives with competitive price while keeping a quality level. 
 Case 1) . You have negotiated the price with your current supplier but it is quite tough to decrease the price.
 Case 2). Due to long lead time, you can not purchase products when you need, especially when you have unexpected demand.
 ■ How we help you.
We have a lot of knowledge in this industry and work like a supplier's sales team. For example, in a series production phase, in case of happening something issue such as quality issue, we suggest to have a phone meeting or web meeting to share the situation happening at both side correctly and to take next action quickly. 
   ■ Customized products
There are some Japanese companies specilizing only customized motors. Even if they have not been having own standard products, they have been doing well in this industry for more than 30 years. This is proof that reliable service and products will be offered for you too. We look forward the opportunity to develop the state of the art motor with you.

  ■ Distributing
We offer many kind of motors from our network(Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China). They each have their own unique technology and have an ability to offer cost-competitive products comparing with a product price of European manufacturers.
We offer Outer rotor brushless motors, Inner rotor brushless motors, In-Wheel motor, Hub motors, Frameless motors, Gear motors, Linear actuators and Servo motors.

Company profile

Company: Cazmo-Motiontech Corporation

Address of operation: 1-1106-5-27 Midorigaoka, Yachiyoshi Chiba Japan

Zip code: 276-0049

Phone & Fax:+81-47-494-0366

Business: Motion control products  brushless motors(slotted inner rotor, outer rotor and slotless), gear motors, frameless motors, In-wheel motors, linear actuators and other motion control devices.                                                                   

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