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Micro Direct Drive Motor

World-class AC servo motors are now available.
Miniature AC servo motor (micro DD motor) from Microtech laboratory is a compact designed high-performance servo motor with integrated high resolution encoders and offers very poweful torque at low speed from very compact body, which makes possible a gearless structure and therefore its gearless structure brings a lot of benefit for users.
For example,
-Fine positioning 
-Great acceleration 
Application examples
-High precision positioning applications
-Robot arms
-Small scalar robots
-Bilateral master/slave control
-Other gearless structures
Theta-axis motion

Desire: Reducing takt time and size reduction together.


Proposal: Placing Micro DD motor for driving theta-axis on the end effector. Great features such as high torque and low speed help you to achieve your goal. Also gearless structure helps to enhance accuracy.

Development of SCARA

Challenge: Development of SCARA


Proposal: Micro DD motor can be used easier and is good for direct teaching, external force detection and silence which are required to Cobot.

Torque control

Challenge: Development of robot hand that can grab many kinds of things.


Proposal: Micro DD motor helps you to achieve your goal by high responsiveness of torque control and high backdrivability.

Substitute for rotary actuators.

Desire: Although a hollow shaft structure is prerequisite in your design, the accuracy can not be compromised too.


Proposal: Micro DD motors hollow shaft type can be a substitute for rotary actuators.

Robustness against the load on the shaft.
Microtech axle endurance.jpg
Product range
 Each diameter type have three length version which is 31.5mm length, 37.5 length and 43.5mm length.
Either solid shaft type or hollow shaft type can be chosen by the customer.(70mm OD version have only hollow shaft type.
--21mm in OD : 40mNm to 130mNm Peak torque 3000rpm Max Speed.
--30mm in OD : 140mNm to 420mNm Peak torque 1000rpm Max Speed.
--40mm in OD : 330mNm to 1.0Nm Peak torque 450rpm Max Speed.
--70mm in OD : 1.0Nm to 3.1Nm Peak Max torque 200rpm Max Speed.
Great features
-Integrated high performance encoder that enables fine positioning from resolution of 1arc-sec.
-Delivers high torque using high performance magnets and high density winding technology.
-Able to bear large loads directly through the use of robust bearing.
-Able to support hollow shaft structures.
-Customized designs are available.