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Sales Agent Activity

We help your sales activity on behalf of your firm in B2B manufacturing sector in Japanese market with 20 years of expertise in motion control industry. We are very good at drive system products, gear heads and metal parts. We also cover kinds of pumps working with our specialist network. 

What you should know at the beginning.

-You have to get rid of concern from customers in buying overseas products and have to give them your credibility. Many Japanese companies have concern to use overseas products more and less due to language barrier, gaps of business culture and so on.....

To lower their barrier, we need to give prospects the reason why they buy your products.

So the most powerful way is to share a story and history of your company, your products and so on. Such as what is your current activity, who is your current customers, why you start this business, why you develop the products and why they get a benefit by using your products etc.

Also, we strongly recommend you to have a catalog in Japanese, a user manual in Japanese so that Japanese prospects read it easily. Many Japanese has a tendency to lose motivation to read anything in English. 

-You have to bring improvement to the customers. To offer improvement, we need to know what is the improvement for the prospects, what is the situation the prospects are facing now, what is their target, we can get those information from only conversation with them. This is not just conversation but it is a kind of exchange of information, knowledge we have. Only your local partner can do it well.  

We can help those activity.



Focusing on only B2B and our target is manufacturers of devices, products and equipment that use motion controls solutions etc. For example, manufacturing of various robots, analytical equipment, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, instrumentation, industrial equipment etc.



We take very traditional way based on PDCA cycle and operate based on this.

PDCA cycle

-Plan phase: Planning based on creating numbers. A number of targets, how many times we implement and the period of time etc.

-Do phase: Once we establish the plan, just concentrate on doing it.

-Check phase: Check the difference between your desire and the outcomes of execution of the plan

-Action phase: If there is necessity, Improvement based on Check 


First, we understand your edge and consider which companies is the companies your edge can be applied to based on hypothesis or a discussion with you. Then, we try to reach out a contact person of the company picked out above with ways of finding network, cold call, Social networks etc. Also, we use free advertisement in magazine, web platform and Social networks. Nowadays, social networks becomes the most powerful tool for the advertisement. 


We require

-Subscription fee(monthly payment). The minimum period is 6 months.

-Commission from sales amount when the business goes into mass production.

The rate and allocation between the subscription and the commission can be discussed. 

If a customer requests a domestic transaction, CAZMO-Motiontech resell the products. The price will be fixed based on a discussion between you and CAZMO.


Regular sales activity report will be submitted in every end of the month. Also, when an inquiry is received, the information will be shared in the report or in the email in each case.

Video meeting to share the status and information will be available anytime when needed.

7)After a contract is terminated.​

After sales agent contract is terminated, the contract will shift into a commission agreement. 

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