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Our service
The most important thing to start dealing with Japanese manufacturers is to get rid of concern from Japanese prospects in buying overseas products. Many Japanese companies have concern to use overseas products more and less because of language barrier, gaps of business culture and so on..... Of course, Japanese companies understand there are pros and cons to use overseas products but they also expect suppliers to respond with integrity and without strong assertion by their own business culture, which is especially when something problem occur and the most Japanese suppliers do so. That's why a local partner is essential for you and we are here.
We will be a bridge between Japanese manufacturers and global companies. 
We offer a sales agent service in Japan. In this service, we do a sales activity in Japanese market on behalf of your firm for drive system products such as many kinds of motors, gears and metal parts etc. Also, pneumatic pumps and liquid pumps can be covered by working together with our professional network for pumps. This service allows us to focus on the sales activity of your products.
We are happy to help you trying to get into Japanese market. 
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