We Bridge Between The World With Motors

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Our role is to bridge between Japanese manufacturers and global manufacturers with motion controls and to bring improvements to customers.
if you are seeking how to enter to Japanese market, we are happy to help you with our 20 years of experience in drive system products such as wide variety of motors, blower fans, and gear heads. We perform as your sales agent.
Also, if you look for Asian motor manufacturer but you do not know how you can find right supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us. We select right company through our network and offer right products for you.
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CAZMO-Motiontech Corporation

#27 1-1106-5 Midorigaoka Yachiyoshi Chiba 276-0049 Japan

Tel & Fax: +81-47-494-0366

email: sales@cazmo-motiontech.com

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Tel & Fax:047-494-0366

email: sales@cazmo-motiontech.com

Alternative to Maxon motor, Buhler motor.